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Imitate Jesus

To be true imitators of Jesus we would need to be perfect in all aspects of the WORSHIP acronym. This is the challenge we set ourselves, knowing that in this life we will never reach his level of perfection.  Being a disciple of Jesus - an apprentice who learns from the master - an imitator of his, is a lifetime's work.  Often we try to distill discipleship down to knowing facts about Jesus; being able to quote chapter and verse from the Bible. Whilst this has merit, true discipleship is much more, it is about transformation; becoming like him in all aspects.

This section of our WORSHIP acronym is where we focus on learning about Jesus and providing the tools that will help us be better imitators of him.  This learning and these tools must then be applied to our daily lives to see transformation into his likeness.  It takes time but the blessings will come, not only in the life to come, but life in the here and now.

Alongside are two links, the first is to our Activate Groups (sometimes called Small Groups, Home Groups or Care Groups), the second is to a few resources that we can recommend in helping you better understand and develop your spiritual life.

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