Bransgore Community Church



Serving motif.pngWhen someone joins BCC, we believe they have a role and a purpose for being with us.  An image used in the Bible for the church is that of a 'body' in which every part has a role to play, and when one part fails to perform the role given to it, the whole body suffers - we believe this is true in the life of the church.

Some people's main way of serving the church may be in the community or their workplace, but we believe that everyone has a role to play in the day-to-day life of the church and we therefore encourage each person to discover their role and be a blessing to others, as others will be a blessing to them.

Roles are many and varied.  If in doubt, we encourage people to have a go at something and if it doesn't work out you haven't failed - you've just discovered something you're not called to do!

Alongside, in the graphic, is an idea of the things you can get involved in - but this is not an exhaustive list.  When someone joins us we have a six month settling in period, where nothing is expected from you as we get to know one another and can discuss together where you may want to 'get stuck in'.

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