Bransgore Community Church

Values and Culture

Our beliefs and aspirations can be summed up by the following three acronyms:


We Believe in 'CHRIST'*

CreationThe one God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who created and sustains everything.

HumansWe were made in the image of God but rebelled and became separated from him.

RescueFaith in Jesus Christ restores that relationship through his death and resurrection.

Indwelling SpiritThe Holy Spirit is our internal guide, who helps us follow God’s ways.

ScriptureThe Bible is divinely inspired and the primary way in which we know God.

Triumphant return: Jesus will return as judge and establish a new heaven and new earth.

(*Note - This is a summary of the Evangelical Alliance statement of faith that we adhere to)


We Behave with 'GRACE'

Gracious We honour and respect everyone.

Real:  We are open, genuine and accountable.

Accepting We invite people to come as they are.

Caring We want the best for other people.

Embracing:  We value all age groups in our life and ministry together.


What we do revolves around 'WORSHIP'

Worship:  We see all of life as worship, serving and honouring God.

Outreach:  We introduce others to Jesus through speech, action and lifestyle.

Relationships:  We actively spend time getting to know and caring for each other.

Serving We use our gifts and abilities to help others.

Happily giving:  We give generously financially.

Imitating Jesus We are disciples of Jesus, his apprentices, and seek to follow his example.

Prayer:  We communicate with God in prayer: It is the ‘oxygen’ of our spiritual life.

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